My-Sessions makes the link between surfers and photographers thanks to photos and Artificial Intelligence.

Its unique process allows photographers to easily offer surfers their photos of sessions while saving a lot of time.

Surfers are warned each time a session goes online so they never miss it.

It is free to use, our primary goal is to show / see your surf photos (and other board sports) removing the difficulties and with respect for everyone.

Photos are sold in sets only also called "Session" out of respect for professional photographers.

Surfers side :

All you have to do is register by producing a ID photo-type selfie (but you can smile, see the dedicated FAQ).

And that's it! Once registered, all you have to do is get in the water! You can receive your photos of sessions from all photographers using the platform, anywhere in the world!

Photographers need only one photo with your face to show you all the photos in your session.

Ideally, face him when you get in or out of the water for him to take the shot, it takes 2 seconds and you put all the odds aside. In Aqua, it's the same principle.

The photographer will use this photo (or a photo of you in action) to see if you are registered or not.

If so, it uploads your session photos, immediately after you are notified by email.

There you go! No more research! You will never miss your session photos again!

Note that photographers never have access to your personal data.

Photographers side :

My-Sessions is open to all photographers, whether you are professional or amateur, beginner or confirmed. Whether you simply want to show your photos to surfers, make additional income, gain notoriety or motivation, everything is designed for you.

The goal of My-Sessions is to remove all the difficulties of showing your photos to the surfers you shoot.

You're the boss, you keep your independence, you're the boss! You shoot where and when you want, and at the price you want.

Our unique, simple and efficient process gives you access to the entire line-up.

My-Sessions changes while reversing this way of doing things. Rather than uploading all the photos and hoping that surfers will come and see them ... You only upload photos of registered surfers that we will notify.

Exchanges, files, payment are managed, more time saved!

When you come back from a shoot, before you even start sorting and editing, just upload a photo of each surfer with their face clearly identifiable.

My-Sessions makes you in return proposals (or matches) among the registrants that you must validate.

The users whose match you have validated are notified, so that they can confirm that it is them. If so, you are sure that they will see their photos. Once again, it's very effective, you save time, and it's very motivating.

All you have to do is upload the photos of the surfer and indicate the price for the lot also called \"Session\".

There you go! Thanks to My-Sessions you can reach the whole line-up, drastically reducing the time spent, while making it much more efficient and motivating!

When you register, you must produce a selfie that will allow us to find you.

It must meet a few basic rules, we advise you to do it indoors with a solid light and a solid background.

Here are some criteria to follow for this photo :

- Follow the same constraints as for a passport photo.

- Take the photo indoors with even light on your face.

- Use your smartphone and hold it firmly in front of you and parallel to your face.

- No hat, glasses, or hair covering your face.

- Do not take a photo of a photo.

- You can smile :) but don't force it too much.

The more the selfie meets these standards, the more chances you will have of receiving your sessions.

Want to do it again? Go to the My Profile section and click on the small device in the corner of your profile picture.

At any time, you can deactivate the search for your sessions by going to My Profile. By doing this, you will no longer receive new sessions.

My-Sessions does not share the data of users, surfers, and in any case photographers can not access your personal information, whether it is your e-mail, last name, first name etc…

As for the photographers, it is different, in order to promote them through posts on Facebook or Instagram by crediting them their various accounts and personal sites become accessible to the surfer. The surfer can contact the photographer through this, but the photographer cannot contact the surfer.

Other than the photographer who shot the session, no one can see your photos on My-Sessions.

Thus, you keep control of your image.

This is quite a difference from other viewing platforms, albums on social networks, or even photographers' personal sites where photos are accessible to everyone ...

If you share your photos on social networks, credit your photographer (see dedicated FAQ) and tag @mysessions.surf! It gives value to the work we all do!

My-Sessions is almost magical, we make the link between surfers and photographers and our process works very well.

Its purpose is to show you YOUR photos and not those of others.

We'll let you know when your photos are available. My-Sessions saves time for its users, surfers no longer waste time looking for them.

For photographers, it's the same, we warn them if they have shot a registered surfer, if you have just created your account, give him time to prepare your session.

The photographer may not have pictures of you to introduce you to… Yes, it does.

The photographer may not have a photo of your face ...

That's why we always recommend having your picture taken when you get in or out of the water. This shot takes two seconds to take and you put all the chances on your side to receive your session.

Finally, if you don't have pictures for this session, that's okay, it will be for next time!

Packages represent our reduction system for our users, it is designed for surfers and photographers.

For surfers this allows to obtain a discount if they buy more than one session in a defined period of time.

The discount applies to all sessions purchased within the time period starting with the first purchase.

It rewards surfers who buy sessions frequently.

Packages are also designed not to favor one photographer over another simply because he was the fastest to post his sessions.

If you are a photographer, know that the discounts also apply to the My-Sessions commission.

As with surfers, if a discount can motivate a sale, it is better than not to sell at all.

Packages apply without distinction for photographers whether the same or several, it is the purchases of the same surfer that triggers the reduction.

There are three types of Packages

Package # 1:

- No reduction applies the session is sold at the price indicated by the photographer.

Package # 2:

- 2 sessions purchased within 15 days, a -10% reduction is applied on both sessions.

Package # 3:

- 3 sessions purchased within 15 days, a -20% reduction is applied on the three sessions.

- For the surfer the reduction of -20% then extends for 30 additional days and renewed with each new purchase during this period.

Note: This Package is particularly geared towards locals and frequent surfers to allow them to enjoy better prices all the time.

The sessions are available for 3 months on My-Sessions from the moment they are uploaded by the photographers.

If the surfer confirms that the session is theirs, then the session is available for 15 days before it is deleted if they do not purchase it.

If the session is purchased, it becomes available without a time limit, it can be viewed at your leisure and the files can be downloaded immediately. This also applies to the photographer.

The files are of type .jpg or .jpeg. of 5MB maximum. This allows prints in A1 / A0 format.

We recommend that photographers export their files with the maximum limit of 5MB and a resolution of 300ppi corresponding to printing standards.

\"My-Sessions\" watermarks are applied to the photos before purchase.

When the session is purchased they are immediately removed.

Note that some photographers apply their own markings, watermark or signature on their photos.

WARNING: These will always be present after purchase, we advise you to check this detail carefully before purchasing your session. We will not take any refund requests for this reason.

Your photos are for private use only.

If you want to use your photos for commercial purposes, we think it's great!

But not without the photographer's consent, as his work is protected by intellectual property law, contact him or us before any such use to agree on the conditions.

Recognition for passionate photographer pleases and motivates.

That's why we encourage and make it easy for surfers to credit them when they share their photos on social media.

To make it easier for you, we've placed buttons at the bottom of your purchased sessions.

When you click on it, a text with the photographer and session info is copied to your clipboard.

You just have to paste it in your post and adapt it to your liking.

No, that's a My-Sessions bias, it's all or nothing.

My-Sessions does not impose anything on photographers, which is why the quantity of photos per session is not limited. They can therefore offer more and not just moneyshots.

Defining the price for each one would be too complicated, because each photo is unique. Plus, we think it's a shame to throw away an entire session in favor of a single photo ... and save surfers the frustration of having to make a choice.

So surfers can see and replay their entire session, not a single or a handful of the best photos.

Obviously, there is little chance that you will hang them all on the wall…

But we think that more photos can be useful to improve your surfing, to see your positioning in action for example, it is to give you the possibility to improve yourself.

Yes, My-Sessions can also be educational.

We don't know and that's fine! It's a My-Sessions bias Why?

When you go surfing, it depends on the conditions, not the photographers.

Out of respect for the spots and local surfers, we don't find it useful to overload them even more.

Photographers go where the surf is, just like you, you'll find them there.

If you want to be sure you have photos, book a photographer!

With My-Sessions, the best way to receive your photos is to go surfing!

Note that we relay photographers' posts on Instagram or Facebook, which can be a good way to find out where they are. So follow us on @ mysessions.surf!

One account is enough, by creating several accounts you risk receiving your sessions on one or the other ... Which is not ideal ...

If you want to change your e-mail address, or your profile picture, do it from the \"My Profile\" section.

Email is our only way to notify you at this time, so we recommend that you provide an address that you check from time to time and not the one for your spam. Otherwise, you risk missing out on your sessions ...

Did you create one or more accounts anyway?

Get in touch with us telling us which account you want to keep, we will delete the others.

To download your photos in original format, go to the full screen view of your photos.

In the upper right corner, you will find the different functions of the slideshow including the button for downloading the photo.

Using My-Sessions is free for surfers and photographers.

We give photographers as much freedom as possible, they shoot where and when they want, but also at the price they want.

Photos are sold in sets only, called Sessions. There is no limit to the amount of photos in a Session.

The photographers set the price of the Session themselves, to which running costs are applied.